Our history

Welcome to the world of Ghevento, born in 2015 from the idea of ​​Leonardo, Edoardo and Tommaso with the aim of bringing the unmistakable Italian style to the world of sunglasses. Our passion for design and craftsmanship translates into every single pair of glasses that we design and create with care thanks to the skilled hands of expert craftsmen.

There Our mission is to guarantee sunglasses of the highest quality and timeless style. Each Ghevento collection is inspired by the clock that marks the Italian days, thus reflecting the essence of our culture and tradition.

Why sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an accessory loved by everyone, they represent an icon of style and personality. Unable to find a brand on the market that offered excellent quality made in Italy glasses at an affordable price, the idea was born to fill this gap in the market by creating a brand that combined Italian craftsmanship at a fair price.

Passion and planning

Between sketches, prototypes and long discussions, the dream of creating one-of-a-kind sunglasses came to life.

When designing our sunglasses models, we always keep in mind several elements to guarantee a high quality product with an impeccable design.

  • We carefully consider the occasions and contexts in which the glasses will be worn

  • We pay particular attention to the comfort and fit of the glasses

  • We focus on timeless elegance and versatility of design, maintaining a conscious distance from current trends

The Ghevento laboratories

For us, quality is fundamental. Each of our models is completely Made in Italy, made entirely by hand by the best master craftsmen. Each laboratory is carefully selected, one by one, to ensure we offer only the best to our customers.